Peak Results for Your Service Business

Employee 180

"I really need them, but they're driving me crazy..."

So you have a manager, supervisor, or employee with a temperament, a personality, a work style, or a habit that is driving you crazy, and aggravating others. This makes it harder to get the work done, but you don’t want to fire them. Now what?

We all know that owners and leaders have a difficult job. So having another manager, supervisor, or employee, with an “attitude” or an "isn't growing as a our company does" problem is very frustrating and makes things worse.

It’s like waking up everyday with a toothache, but you are unable to get an appointment with the dentist.

Bad Habits, Not Bad People

Alert and dynamic leaders will understand that people are not their bad habits. They aren't like that in every single situation. They just happen to go on autopilot at certain times without realizing when or how. The truth is, is that we can choose how we respond. We use a powerful process to help them re-wire themselves. So that they can change that autopilot direction to a new one. One that is refreshing, and welcome for everyone around them. Especially for you. 

Rapid Turnaround, Lasting Change

After the change, we get the change to stick by using a turnaround scorecard. This scorecard is used to measure progress and growth going forward based on the system used. We also implement processes for you and your managers  so that they can continue to teach, guide, and develop these individuals and others that arise. The end outcome is to get the employee to use this scorecard to catch these problems on their own - before they become big - going forward so that they can regulate themselves and you have more free time.